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     In 2011, TOLONDU TOICHUBAEV, a businessman and connoisseur of culture, and GAMAL BOKONBAEV, a cultural scientist, decided to create a museum of modern art in Kyrgyzstan. Contemporary art in the country already had its own considerable history, and a museum was needed, even if it was a virtual one. In our definition we perceived Modern Art both as modern and contemporary art. The goal was simple: to make exhibition projects, to facilitate the emergence of new works, to replenish the TOLON MUSEUM collection fund. We have completed numbers of projects and exhibitions; seminars, published catalogs, hosted residences of modern art, an open-air and easel painting.

During the period 2011–2018, a number of significant projects were implemented.

           We value freedom of expression, integrity, creativity in all forms. We want to create a unique place to praise art and to connect the brightest minds, where all from different backgrounds and beliefs, from diverse social, political positions are welcome. We're focused on sharing the most provocative present day and contemporary artworks from all around the world representing the most unique subjects.

          Currently, Tolon Museum is moving along the following strategy. Firstly, annual residences are held; open-air residences, residences of easel painting and residencies of contemporary art. This work is carried out in close cooperation with the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic. We have already conducted about 20 residences. Secondly, annual exhibitions are held under the general title POSTTOTAL. The highlights of last years were exhibitions of post-totalitarian art and letting the artists from Central Asia who experienced the regimes to speak out to the audience. We plan to expand this topic and hold more events regarding.


POSTTOTAL in Astana in 2015, in the Loft Workshop in 2016, the international exhibition POSTTOTAL17 in 2017, the republican exhibition POSTTOTAL18 in 2018.

     In the future projects:

"ALL", large-scale solo exhibition of Konstantin SHKURPELA. More than 400 works on 2500 square meters of exhibition space.

"POSTTOTAL19" International Science Art Project.

"REALISM 2019" exhibition of realistic painting

"NEW PLASTIC" youth residences of the land art in CHON-KEMINE


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