Chon Kemin Residencies 

ARTKANA is a large-scale project in collaboration with public foundation "BILIMKANA" as a harmonious interaction of art and education.

A few words about the essence of the project, what has already been done and plans for the future. Today, the school in the province becomes the center of culture, sports and assembly halls and libraries, computer classes and hobby groups that exists and created in schools. And this situation is a real lever for raising culture in villages and small towns!

Within the framework of the ARTKANA project, we have already held three residences: summer (from 5 to 15 August 2013) and autumn (from 2 to 9 November 3013) and winter (from 3 to 9 January 2014).  Artists settle down in the classrooms and huge hall that are empty during the holidays and school breaks. This is a sustainable living interaction of art and education. This is a great promising initiative. Spring 2014 session expanded the geography of the project. From March 22 to April 7, art we plan to hold large-scale exhibitions of open-air painting from all regions of Kyrgyzstan!

Project participants ARTKANA1: Chyngyz Aydar, BAYDYLDA, Jumabek Bazarbai, ERKIN BEYSHENBAEV, Askhat BEYSHENBIEV, ERKIN Boljurov, DZHOLDOSHBEK Kazakbai, Osmon ZHUNUZALIEV, ZHAKSHYBEK ZHUNUSHEV, Asanbek Kadyraly, Taalaibek Kurmanov, Kubanych Ibrahim TAALACHI ISAMADYROV, DUYSHEBEK ISKAKOV, Sydykov Satarkul, Urmat CHOYUBEKOV, BULASBEK SHERALIYEV

Chon Kemin 1

Chon Kemin 2