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Arykov Baidylda Mykynovich. Was born on 6th of january
1967 in Leninpol village, Talasoblast, Kyrgyz republic. In 1992
graduated from KSAC n. a Chyikov.
From 1992 to 1995 worked as a teacher in high school.*
UPKR member since 2009. Participant of many national and
international art exhibitions. Works of
painter are in private
collections in many countries of the world.
painter, lives and works in Bishkek. Member of
an artistic residences plenary painting project «ARTKANA»
Solo exhibitions:
2010 – Personal exhibition, Exhibition Hall «Dubovii Park».*
2013 – «Jon ele» (just), Showroom «Dubovii Park».
* See abbreviations and notes in the catalog

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Red waves. Triptych
Oil on canvas. 160x580, Shabdan. 

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 Oil on canvas / 120х145. Shabdan, 2014

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Holy burden
Oil on canvas / 120х145. Shabdan, 2014