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Bazarbaev Jumabek Bazarbaevich was born on June 28,1962 in Tokmak, KR. 1982 graduated from KSAC n.a Chyikov.In 1983 – Issyk-Kul State University named Kasim Tynystanovin Karakol (Przhevalsk), graphics department. From 1985 to1993 years, a participant of art union «Etude» in the city ofTokmak.Workedasart director in the studio «Bilim». From2001 to 2004 he studied calligraphy in South Korea. Memberof many national and international art exhibitions. His worksare in the KNMA *, in other museums and private collections.Freelancepainter, lives and works in Bishkek. Member of anartistic residences plenary painting project «ARTKANA» 2013-14. 

Solo exhibitions:2005 – Personal exhibition, Exhibition Hall of the «City ofArtists» UPKR.2009 – «From the Land of Morning Calm», KNMA.2009 – «The Message of the soul to the soul», gallery «Koldo».*

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Oil on canvas / 160х210. Shabdan, 2014

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Oil on canvas / 90х120. Shabdan, 2014

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Oil on canvas / 160х180. Shabdan, 2014