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Kotlyarevskiy Nikolai Andreyevich. Was born on January
24, 1949 in Lviv, Ukraine. In 1971 he graduated from the Frunze
Polytechnic Institute (now KSTU named Ishaq Razzakov*) in
the specialty construction and road machines. UPKR member
since 2000. Member of many national and international art
exhibitions. His works are in the KNMA, in other museums
and private collections. Freelance painter, lives and works in
Bishkek. Member of an artistic residences plenary painting
project «ARTKANA» 2013-14.
Solo exhibitions:
1999 – Personal exhibition, KNMA.
2000 – «Plus two years», Showroom «Dubovii Park».
2009 – «Flower Association», KNMA.
2011 – «Enigma», KNMA.
2012 – «Pikasiliya», KNMA.
2013 – «Autumn Motives», Showroom «Dubovii Park».

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Lux motives
Oil on canvas / 190х120. Bishkek-Luxembourg, 2014

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Oil on canvas / 130х200. Bishkek-Luxembourg, 2014

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Have you signed up?
Oil on canvas / 80х60. Bishkek-Luxembourg,2014

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Reflections on two
Oil on canvas / 90х70. Bishkek-Luxembourg, 2014