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Mamai Nastar. Was born November 30, 1962 in the village Minkush, Jumgal district of Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan. graduated from KSAC
in 1988. From 1991 to 1993 he studied at VSIC. In 2004 he graduated
from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2007, pursuing doctoral
studies at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.
Member of many national and international art exhibitions. His works
are in the KNMA, in other museums and private collections. Freelance
painter, lives and works in Bishkek.


Major exhibitions:


2002 – Personal exhibition «Planeta Tengri», Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan),catalog.2002 – Group exhibition «Atelier Anniversary Fabergasse, 6», Vienna(Austria).2002 – International Exhibition «Art of Silk Road» Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan),catalog, Gold Medal.2003 – Exhibition «EG Sud», Vienna (Austria).2003 – Exhibition at the Institute of the Bulgarian culture, Vienna(Austria).2003 – Book Exhibition «Kupferstichkabinett-Kurnstlerienenbucher-2»,Vienna Arts Academy (Austria).2004 – Exhibition of the Fine Arts Academy, Vienna catalog, goldmedal.2004 – International show in Delhi (India), catalog.2008 – Group exhibition, «Time» gallery in Vienna (Austria).2008 – Exhibition of young talents «Wien Ansich», Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

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Descendant – is your genetic trail in this life, it seems to me that having children makes happy grandparents more than the parents.
I am convinced that grandmothers, holding grandchildren in their hands thought many times about the fact that their son has
a descendant. Although today there are few people who care so much, many grandmothers deal with daily issues. But I believe
that, ideally, the grandmother should stay home and take care of the children, not thinking about the repayment of the loan, or
the dollar rates.

Oil on canvas / 85х115. Shabdan-Bishkek, 2014.

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I am not indifferent to all that is happening in Ukraine today. After all, I come from USSR. We used to be one big family with its own identities, which are incomprehensible to the West, these can be understood only by a Soviet citizen. It pains me to look at how
the West and Russia can not share Ukraine
.A country torn to pieces, suffering people of Ukraine, and the new government does not know what to do. In my painting, I wanted to reflect the tragedy of the ignorance, confusion, fear, regret and useless stubbornness in search of the culprit of their own mistakes in the foreign and national policy of Ukraine. I am not a politician, but very interested in
politics. We are to blame ourselves for the mistakes we make and there is no need to reinvent the bicycle or try to install the third wheel, which will pull it in the opposite direction.

The third wheel
Oil on canvas / 160х210. Shabdan-Bishkek, 2014

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Revolution KG
In fact – this is a remake of the French painter of the 19th century Eugène Delacroix «Liberty on the barricades». The people
of Kyrgyzstan have repeatedly convinced that history tends to repeat. In my work, I did not want to parody or quote the great
French artist. My remake – it’s feelings, emotions, pains of Kyrgyz people experienced during the revolution of April 2010. Yes, we
are another country, yes, we are in a different time, but the essence has not changed. We all want to change for the better and
sometimes pay for it a very high price – paying off by human life. Once I was asked: «Don’t you ashamed to paint woman in elechek
(kyrgyz female headdress) topless?» No I don’t’, it is a shame when young people got killed just right in front of you, young people,
who wanted to live better life in justice.

Revolution КG
Oil on canvas / 160х210. Shabdan-Bishkek, 2014

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Shepherd and Sheep
In the era of globalization, the world is ruled by a small group of infantile people, those who single-handedly decide who lives and
who don’t or how to live. The painting depicts human-sheep of different races – they are Europoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. No
matter of your origin, location and passport, today you are in a herd of sheep-man. But the most offensive is that those who rule
are sheep-man too, but elected, but again not by you.

Shepherd and Sheep
 Oil on canvas / 160х210. Shabdan-Bishkek, 2014