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TOLONDU TOICHUBAEV - founder of the museum.

Businessman and an art collector, his initial collection of works of art around film and animation subsequently grew to include modern art. With time he organized his collection according to the concept of POSTTOTAL.

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GAMAL BOKONBAEV - co-founder of the museum.

Architect, designer, artist and art-critic, his recent work includes research on Kyrgyzstan’s fine arts and architecture. As part and driving force of our team, Gamal Bokonbaev organizes successful modern and contemporary art projects, making Tolon Museum the most stable and substantial arts institution in Kyrgyzstan. Exhibitions, museum collection, research, artist residencies and educational projects – they all comprise POSTTOTAL projects of post-totalitarian art and through them we have the opportunity to observe how specific art initiatives help overcome totalitarian worldview in culture.

ELNURA OSMONALIEVA – Artistic Director.

Film writer/director, MFA candidate at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Filmography – Farewell (2009), Almaz (2010), Kyrgyzland (2013), Seide (2015). Elnura Osmonalieva is also the CEO of Bilimkana Foundation, long-term partner of Tolon Museum.

SULTAN BOKONBAEV - Project Coordinator for Artkana, Tolon Museum’s Artist Residency program.

Formally trained to provide instruction in arts for young audiences, Sultan Bokonbaev currently teaches at Bilimkana-AUCA High School. Previously he worked in design and print polygraph.

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MUMINAT ISKHAKOVA - coordinator, moderator and financial administrator.

Her previous work for B’Art modern arts center in Bishkek increased her interest in art projects. Main interests are on issues of limitations that arise from gender and national identities.

AIZHAMAL TOICHUBAEVA – “As I Remember” Project Coordinator.

Actively helped the development of the museum project while she was a student at the National Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and worked for print polygraph business. Currently she works for a state institution and devotes all of her free time for Tolon Museum’s new “As I Remember” project.