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Shkurpela Konstantin. Was born December 23, 1951 in the

city of Karakol (Przhevalsk) KR. In 1974 he graduated from art- graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named

after Lenin. Member of the Union of Artists USSR and UPKR
since 1988. One of the first private collectors of artworks in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2013, the deputy chairman of UPKR. Member
of many national and international art exhibitions. Held more than 15 solo exhibitions. His works are in the KNMA, in other museums and private collections. Freelance painter lives and
works in Bishkek.

Major solo exhibitions:

1984 – «The building still-life’s», Showroom «Dubovii Park».

1989 – «Nude model», Almaty, Bishkek, Tomsk, Exhibition Hall«Dubovii Park» CHA*.

1994 – «Art-Study», Showroom «Dubovii Park».

1997 – «Nude model», Moscow (Russia).

1999 – «fish spa – Session 1» (together with Dasha Shkurpela),KNMA.

2000 – «Nature Morte – living object», KNMA.

2002 – «Dacha motives», Showroom «Dubovii Park».

2004 – «... and another space», Showroom «Dubovii Park».

2008 – «Still Life», gallery «Al-Hayat».

2009 – «The post-Soviet art», gallery «Koldo».

2010 – «My Kyrgyzstan», gallery «Al-Hayat».

2012 – «Enharmonic graphics», Showroom «Dubovii Park».

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Oil on canvas / 200х225, Bishkek-Luxembourg, 2014

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Chair of Kasym
Oil on canvas / 160х120. Bishkek Luxembourg, 2014

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Chair, who like my daughter
Oil on canvas / 160х120. Bishkek-Luxembourg, 2014

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Oil on canvas / 225х200. Bishkek-Luxembourg, 2014