Summer in Luxemburg Residency

"Summer in Luxembourg" - the residence of easel painting in the village of Luxembourg, 15 kilometers from the city of Bishkek. The residence settles at school building with huge halls and windows that are empty almost all summer. A spacious and full of light  work spaces are the local artists’ dream and a problem needed a solution. Creative people, from time to time, need to go somewhere far away, for example, to the residence, and leave at home all the accumulated problems. Routine slows down thoughtful and creative processes.

Artists need to leave for a while, to hide, to think about the eternal, to work on the incorruptible. And most importantly, an element of everyday communication appears in the residence: intensive discussing of concepts and present issues, exchanging opinions and ideas, debating. Yet, artists not only use synergy but also often simply get isolated to get deeper in their minds by separating themselves from the wall of alienation in their separate individual workspaces.

In the school classrooms of the Luxembourg residence, the project participants lived as one big happy family. The conclusion of residence - paintings and exhibition that becomes a current museum’s event! We welcome all artists from different backgrounds, countries and from different life walks.